There are dictionaries out there that still look down on geeks and mis-define them as outcasts.
We think that this is wrong. Where would we be without Geeks?
They're heroes. Gods. Saviours. At Google, they're the new rock stars.
And those of you who buy the boring, socially inept myth; where would your own social life be without them?
Ever clicked "I'm attending" on a Facebook event page? Geeks made Facebook.

We're all Geeks deep down. Face it, we're mad for the new Star Trek films and season 5 of Breaking Bad.
We all status update, tweet, tumble and Instagram. We set our Sky box to record Game of Thrones.
All a bit geeky, isn't it? So say it loud, "I'm a Geek!" And say it proud. Or at #geekisgood tweet about it.
We Geeks are not boring, or unattractive. We're what makes the world more interesting.
So join us in a petition for all dictionaries to rethink geek. Vote to agree that Geek is Good with the button above.

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